Laura has been with AAMS Inc. since it’s inception back in 1999.  She graduated from CSUN,  while working full time in our Port Hueneme office.  She specializes in escrow transactions,  and has an excellent rapport with escrow officers, real estate agents, and appraisers.  She is familiar with completing work within deadline, s for termite work and escrow packages,  in a timely and efficient manner.


Her department works closely monitoring collection efforts, alongside attorney and collection offices, and has a prompt response time to requests.


Most recently, AAMS’s AR Department has been crucial in  assisting to have homeowners associations FHA approved, thereby helping HOAs dramatically increase their pool of buyers.


Her most current task has been a re-pipe construction project involving 200 condominiums.  She is responsible for the coordination of work crews, job task assignments, scheduling residents, reviewing job scopes, meeting with plumbers, remediation specialists, environmental consultants, and construction personnel;   she  makes sure the job is up to code and meets the strict City and State standards.  In the process, she was able to quickly identify problematic buildings, thereby eradicating high frequency  leaks within a one-year time frame, saving the HOA thousands in plumbing and remediation costs.


She has also developed efficient methods for notification to HOAs for reinvestment opportunities of their reserve funds.  She is responsible for ensuring that funds meet FDIC limit requirements and that reinvestment notices are immediately reviewed and options sent to Board treasurers.  She collaborates alongside the banking industry to automate dues deposits, achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.


Energy conserving changes have been achieved for HOAs, such as reducing monthly billings by switching over to coupon systems and emailing documents;  updating light fixtures; installing Energy Star washers and dryers;   irrigation system improvements; concrete cutting; size reduction and installation of energy efficient hot water heaters in common areas; roofing systems.